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patches for my soul

DEATH became the subject of my literary reflections and the leitmotif of my poetry forty years ago, at the beginning of my literary journey. Death that is unfashionable, slow, simple, unexpected, dramatic, too young, unnoticed, death of a loved one and a stranger. Pieces of stanzas have been written about each of them, which are patches for my soul. I am afraid of death. I write to warn. Regardless of our beliefs and actions, we’re all heading for the same destination. We will all end up as earthly dust. One needs to be reminded of the passing of time, especially now that it is unfashionable to die slowly. Death remains incomprehensible to me. Death is the foundation of my reflection on life.
My poems are the result of struggling with the loss of loved ones, but also, in a sense, an expression of philosophical explorations and biographical interests. The elegiac nature of my poetry is an expression of the perception of the world. It is an expression of thinking about life being a constant loss. I try to capture this phenomenon. I draw inspiration from both the dimension of imagination and experience.

Bogumiła Żongołłowicz

Wiktor Moszczyński reads one of Bogumiła Zongołłwicz’s poems (estate of unwanted houses) during a meeting at POSK in London on September 9, 2023.